Behind every successful entrepreneur you admire are brilliant systems powering their growth. 



What is noise?

Noise is unnecessary friction. Friction is anything that holds you back. Anything from stories you tell yourself right through to inefficiencies in your marketing funnel. Putting up with noise is like dragging a ball and chain around, and wondering why you're tired and not getting anywhere.

Fixing noise, is self-care for your business.

Stay with me here...


We all start businesses because we dream of…

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To bring any dream into reality you need two ingredients in equal measure: time, and focus.
Start viewing your time as a non-renewable resource and it will become very easy to focus. Master your focus and your ability to grow your business grows exponentially. 


Less Noise = More Everything



Long page alert

There's quite a bit to take in on this page. I go deep ~ that's kind of my approach.

It’s a 10 minute read. Take your time. I’m confident it will be worth it.


Less Noise = More Time



Things entrepreneurs say to themselves

I want more time with my family
When I procrastinate and have to work long hours, I feel guilty.
I don't have enough time.
Maybe I’m wasting too much time on social media? 
I wish I had more help.
It’s just easier to do it myself.
I’m tired of herding cats.
Not feeling on top of things is really starting to stress me out.
It can feel pretty isolating working for yourself. 
When I do catch up with people I’m so glad I did, but… I don’t do it often enough.
The dream I had for my business feels a lot different to the reality.
Maybe I’m just not cut out for this?
All the people I admire make it look so easy. I wish I could get to that stage.
If I had a huge influx of business right now, my business wouldn't cope. I wouldn’t cope.


Less Noise = Less DumbWays To Fail



If these questions make you uncomfortable, they’re likely holding you back

To succeed in business (and in life), ask better questions.


Question # 1 - What makes me feel fulfilled?

Another way to ask this question is - What gives my life meaning? (from Man’s Search for Meaning my #1 most powerful book of all time.)

People usually focus on the uncomfortable fact that they’re procrastinating. I take a different approach. I’ve learned to focus on what gives my life meaning and helps me feel a deep sense that my work is important, there are beautiful humans who will appreciate it and benefit from it and I have all the time in the world to pour myself into my work in a way that can be transformative for them. Once you anchor into this sense about your place in the world, procrastination just isn’t a thing. You’re not procrastinating, you’re just not lit up.


Question # 2 - How valuable is my time?

Implementing systems and automation is the only way you will leverage your time sufficiently, to make your business successful so you can have the freedom and time to do the things you love, with the people you love. Repeat after me: I can’t get my time back. I can’t get my time back. 


Question # 3 - How long could I stop working and continue to earn money?

Ask yourself this question, and keep asking it until you not only know the answer, but are at peace with it.


Less Noise = Better Answers



Dream big
Scale for growth
Create your future

What is the Noise Method?


The Noise Method is my proprietary method for measuring the level of noise in your business (your Noise Rating) and the step-by-step program to overcome it. 
In daily action, it’s a specific way to run your day, so you’re devoting 80% of your time on income generating activities.
When coaching with me, it’s the foundational tools, systems and automations we set up together, combined with your Time Rich Playbook. Mindset coaching is about changing from putting yourself under stress, to putting yourself under pressure - the type of pressure that generates results.


Less Noise = Self Mastery



What is it like to work with you?

What are your packages?

Go from where you are now, to devoting 80% of your time each day on income generating activities (I know, I say this a lot - it's worth repeating) within the first month of our 3 very focussed months together.
It is my mission for you to do more, make more and give more - whatever that means for you. I guide you to empower yourself so you unlock your own potential. 
There are two phases to our work together:

Phase 1 - Two day intensive strategy session

A 2 day intensive strategy session (in person or online) on how you’re going to build your business, specifically, right down to the projects that need to be implemented each week of our 3 months together. We also shine a light on anything that could hold you back from implementing your business plan. You’ll take away your Time Rich Playbook. It’s not just a business play but a working document based on the decisions we make in your strategy session.

You will use your Playbook each day in your business and we will refer to it in our coaching sessions.

Zero fluff - just pure implementation from that point forward. It’s a very powerful tool to help others to see you in a successful light and to be taken seriously from your loved ones, your accountant, to your clients.


Phase 2 - Implementation & outcome focussed coaching

After our intensive Strategy Session we can start working 1:1 via Skype. I only have one coaching package. The package and my support includes checklists, systems, documentation, automations, pro-software recommendations and customisations as well as hands-on training. I will screen share with you, to train you in the software I will be recommending, actual implementation of my systems and automations into your business (full list will be provided). Each weekly session will be a 1.5 hours. This allows us sufficient time to get as technical as we need to, and go deep on mindset when appropriate.


You generally won’t need implementation support beyond the 3 months. I believe in setting you up to succeed and really, by 3 months you are on your way. I do offer ongoing strategy and mindset coaching working to your Playbook. I have a client-only Facebook support group where I provide ongoing support to past clients, which you will be invited into as a bonus.


Less Noise = Deeper Connections



What will we actually do in our coaching calls?

We’ll have your Time Rich Playbook from your Strategy Session - your roadmap and plan already documented, so using your business plan, we’ll action the projects we’ve already identified will reduce your Noise Rating. So that means everything from a daily checklist right through to how the opt-in on your website filters into your auto-responder. 
Then we shift gears to creating leveragable, memorable, profitable content. Content you can sell, content you can use as partnership introductions to partner with people who have large audiences, content you can share to increase your presence. This content can be in many forms from digital products, keynote speeches, YouTube playlists, eBooks - I have a cache of dozens of different types of content and products you can create to leverage your time with passive income. 
I guide you set up all your foundational systems and give you everything you need to laser focus each day, and track your progress with real data. Our weekly coaching sessions are 2 hours together, online. Enough time to really get to know each other, for me to know what you’re struggling with and the collaborative cloud tools to share screens and immediately fix things whilst we’re on the call. 
Of course, there’s the business of securing more clients if that’s your business model, so we will discuss your packages and way of attracting, on-boarding and managing your clients to ensure you’re leveraging your time and your gifts, in ways that give your clients what they paid for - whilst also filling you up personally. If we identify disconnects during our strategy session, we may choose to change your business model. For example, if really you want less one-on-one client work, we will focus your product mix to more leveraged digital content.


Less Noise = More Implementation



What will it be like when there’s less noise in my business?

Within our first month together your Noise Rating will be down to acceptable levels, so you will be creating leveragable content, products and experiences the C.A.L.M. way.



Time and headspace to create truly memorable content, products and experiences that captivate and make people to want to work with you and buy your products.



Business standards, clients, partnerships and collaborations that are completely aligned with how you go about life.



Attract the right people. This alone will create the momentum for money, to find you.



Money in the bank. Cashed up. I have enough. I am enough. This feels wonderful. It feels effortless. I feel calm. I still feel calm. I’m ready for more.


Less Noise = Memorable Products



I’ve fallen out of love with my business - will this help?

It’s not unusual to go through phases of not loving the day-to-day of running your business. This is especially true when your noise level is too high for the corresponding fulfilment you feel. 
It’s no fun captaining a leaking ship so it makes sense that to have more joy in your day, you need to make your day-to-day reality less <insert whatever blah you’re feeling right now>. I make it a  priority in our coaching for you to make space for more creativity, more expression and more connection. 


Less Noise = More Self Confidence



How do I set myself up to succeed?

There are very few original mistakes

Mistakes. I have heard them all over the years, and made most of them myself in my 20+ years of developing The Noise Method. 
The biggest error by far that all my clients were making before working with me, is not using project management software. So not actively managing their businesses, day-to-day. If you haven’t used project management software to date or have been using it haphazardly, it's kind of like herding cats. Not a very fulfilling way to spend your day and a fast track to falling out of love with your business. 
Second only to not using project management software is not tracking progress with read data. In other words, flying blind / hoping for the best / being in denial etc. The good news is, my main KPI in working with you, is to support you to get your Noise Rating down within the first month - and I take my coaching KPI’s seriously. 
Once you’re in that position, it becomes enjoyable again to sit at your computer each day trying to create something out of nothing. From thereon in, you’re devoting 80% of your time on income generating activities. 
So to set yourself up to succeed I recommend managing your day effectively, making informed decisions and devoting more of your prescious prescious time to income generating activities.


Less Noise = More Progress



Within 3 months of working together, you will:  do  |  be  |  have


Clarity personally and professionally
Your entire business and your project-by-project plan for the future will be mapped out visually, and handed to you in physical book / document, your Time Rich Playbook.



Less Noise = More Everything
You’ll know what noise is, how to identify it, eradicate it and stop it returning. You’ll be able to hold yourself accountable to operating with less friction and more fulfilment.



Outsourcing anything, to anyone, anywhere
You will be able to outsource securely and effectively and grow your virtual dream team drawing on the hundreds of thousands of skilled professionals the internet has magically made possible. You will have a trust model - a way of systematically identifying how to hand over work and responsibility to others.



Managing projects, effectively
You will be on-boarding and managing clients with zero emails. You’ll be using project management software to run your entire business. With my training, tips and customisations, you’ll be a power user.



Creating momentum
Everyone in your life will be clear on where you’re headed and what it’s going to take to get there. You will be ‘switched-on’ to what you’re creating for yourself and your loved ones. It’s precisely this sense of deep connection to your goals that will propel you forward.



Creating with joy
You will be creating in flow: Making money creating leveragable, profitable content in a way that feels creative, authentic and juicy.


Leveraging systems as your 2nd brain
You won’t have to remember everything. Things won’t fall through the cracks because you’ll be working off your bespoke designed daily / weekly / monthly / yearly checklists.



Having fun on social media
With less noise you’ll have more time to actually socialise online and make deeper connections with potential clients, collaborators and partners. Because you’re using social media in a way that gets you results, you can really enjoy it for the online global party that it is.



Confident in where you’re heading
You’ll have a dashboard spreadsheet of all the important metrics to review and act upon. It will be updated weekly. Just having this information at hand is empowering.


Reading reports that help inform decisions
With your monthly formal ‘board report’ template, we’ll take time to review the data against your business goals and make informed decisions to improve each month.


Celebrating your wins
The act of doing what you say you’re going to do, consistently, means you will have something to celebrate. Results from your efforts in the form of money, recognition, connection, more of whatever is important to you, will feel worth celebrating. Knowing you earned it.


Supported all the way, from Terri Ann
You will have a significant relationship with someone (me) who is vested in guiding, supporting and getting hands-on to help you be productive and make progress.


Focussing on growth
Less Noise = More ?.... more time to focus on the things that will grow your business.


Your life back. And/or the one you started your business to create
Stress in any form, restricts creativity. With less noise you will be able to be more creative. Creativity is a super food. You will be adding it to your morning smoothie each day.



Could this be real life? 
If you’re not running your business this way, it’s running you.


Less Noise = More Everything
Clarity  |  Urgency  |  Calm  |  Ease  |  Socialising  |  Insight  |  Informed Decisions  |  Acknowledgement  |  Growth



Okay, how can we discuss working together?

I make a few free 1 hour new client calls available each week to discuss where you’re at, where you want to be and how with my support you can get yourself there. I take on only a handful of clients each month to ensure myself and my team can dedicate ourselves to your progress.
Click here to schedule a call.


If you've read this far you must be genuine about taking control of your business. I'm looking forward to meeting you...