My first job title was 'Child DJ'

Hola ๐ŸŒž I'm Terri Ann Daniels. Founder of, and host of the Noise Whisperer Community - a productive space for entrepreneurs who want to do more, make more and give more.

I help online entrepreneurs build businesses that scale, with low friction and sustainable, healthy profit.


By the time I was 19 I had worked in 9 different family businesses.

So, in 1996 with a computer I couldn't carry, I started my first business of my own, and well... let's say it wasn't all pixies and unicorns.

I learned so much in my early business failures (the 2nd one was still a struggle) and so I set out to design a fool-proof method for myself, to overcome the obstacles everyone faces when they start or try to scale a business. Essentially, I wanted to make unique mistakes.

My next business had very healthy profits and my confidence grew. I began to share my method with my clients and they asked me to coach them and train their employees.

And so, my fourth business business coaching was born. Fast forward 21 years (with detours along the way) and my clients are as diverse (and beautifully complex) as the internet itself.


I've been called 


"catalyst for change"

Business Strategist  |  Mindset Coach  |  Speaker  |  Trainer  |  Marketing Funnel Designer  |  Systems Stylist  |  Workflow & Automation Mechanic  |  & Your #1 Fan


Mindset is at the core of everything I share with my clients

Being challenged by Tony Robbins to stand on stage in front of 1500 people, and sing about forgiveness (making up the lyrics as I went along!), taught me the difference between putting yourself under stress, as opposed to putting yourself under pressure.

Stress causes self doubt.

Pressure teaches you about yourself. It lifts you up. It clarifies. It creates a sense of calm urgency that inspires action, without conscious effort. 



Now you know my story, tell me yours...

Let's connect somewhere, over the rainbow... 

Maybe on Facebook? Instagram? I'm just getting started with Pinterest so perhaps we can pin together? I don't know about you but working for myself can feel isolating sometimes. That's why I like to co-work, invite people around, socialise online and generally get to know people. Send me a DM and let's start a conversation...


My sense is, if you've found your way here, to this page, it probably means we have a connection. 

I would like to find out where it leads...

I know for myself, sometimes I am very decisive when making the decision to work with someone. Other times I want to take my time.

If you do feel ready to discuss how working together can benefit you, schedule a call with me today.

Regardless, let's keep in touch.